Foxface from Hunger games
Foxface from Hunger games

The Complete Foxface from Hunger Games Glossary

Due to her cunning, fox-like appearance, Katniss Everdeen gave District 5’s female tribute from that district the nickname foxface from hunger games  for the 74th Hunger Games. Her real identity has never been made public. A large part of The Hunger Games’ ongoing popularity can be attributed to the 2010s film young people adaptations. Numerous admirers of the book series, which helped to popularize both Jennifer Lawrence and the book series, continue to argue over its themes and content. One such idea centers on the first film in the series, which introduces the horrific Panem universe. It primarily accomplished this through the murder or other shadier deaths of

The death of a little girl only known as Foxface, a victim of the 74th Hunger Games, surprised both District 5 residents and moviegoers alike. Although it appeared that the child died due to tragic events, there is also a chance that her death was completely premeditated. As depressing as it may sound, it fits in perfectly with the brutality of the Hunger Games films.

Physical characteristics

Foxface from Hunger Games was a cunning and cunning homage. At 115 pounds, Foxface was lighter than the majority of the other tributes in the 74th Hunger Games. Foxface is described by Katniss in the book as having sleek red hair and amber eyes. Her eyes are green in the film, though.

Qualities and personality

One of the Games’ cleverest, cunning, and stealthiest tributes turned out to be Foxface. She gives numerous examples of this throughout the novel, including taking supplies from other tributes, letting herself blend in with the background to avoid attracting notice, and being able to find items that other tributes failed to look very hard for.

74th Hunger Games

In the 74th Hunger Games, District 5’s female tribute Foxface was accepted into the competition. She was one of the few tributes at the Reaping who Katniss noticed.

Memorial Parade

Foxface, who was there to showcase her district’s principal export (power) to the Capitol, nervously waved to the crowd from her chariot.

Interview and Training

She was seen finishing the matching exam quickly during the training session, which assessed her knowledge of flora. During her individual training session with the Game makers, Foxface received a score of 5. Foxface from Hunger Games  was tense and reserved throughout her interview with Caesar, saying merely “I will always analyses the situation and apply myself” in her one line of dialogue. Foxface claims that she is extremely intelligent and that “no weapon can match a brain” in the film’s special features. She was described as “sly and elusive” by Katniss. Foxface, in her opinion, would have been the wisest.


FoxFace from Hanger Games fled the Cornucopia bloodbath when she reached the arena, just like Rue had done because she lacked any weapons or resources to defend herself. In the movie, after fleeing the massacre, Katniss and Foxface collide and knock each other to the ground. But instead of fighting, the two of them scamper away, looking terrified as they head off in various directions.

The Sports

At the beginning of the games, Katniss and Foxface collide and remain motionless for a brief period of time. Then they start running in different directions. This only occurs in the movie, though. She was later seen by Katniss at the Cornucopia close to the Careers camp during the Games. Foxface began to move in what Katniss described as a dance sequence after hiding out for a while to make sure no other tributes could recognize her. Soon Katniss learns that land mines were used to booby-trap the area.

When Katniss fired three arrows at the bag of apples hanging on the pyramid—which might have been some of the apples Foxface snatched from burlap sack—it tore apart, dropped, and set off the land mines. After there was a big explosion that obliterated all of the supplies. As a result, Cato killed the District 3 male and the Careers’ supplies were destroyed. As Katniss was able to locate a knife blade and a metal pot in the blast zone, she saw Foxface chuckling.

She wasn’t sure why at first, but she later understood that Foxface realized she could have a chance of living because the Careers supplies had been destroyed. At one point, Katniss considered including her in the alliance she had formed with Rue, but she swiftly shelved the thought because she knew that doing so would only result in a stabbing to the back.

The Meal

All of the surviving tributes were in urgent need of something after several days in the arena. Claudius Temple Smith makes the announcement that a feast would be held as a result. Like the other tributes, Foxface got ready for the forthcoming event.

FoxFace from Hanger Games was securely hidden inside the Cornucopia. When the other tributes arrived for the feast. Foxface didn’t waste her time with fight when the table with the bags holding each of the supplies that the tributes “desperately needed” rose from the floor. She ran outside, grabbed her luggage, and swiftly left the place. She wasn’t attacked since she was swift and the other tributes were afraid to fight.

It bothered and impressed Katniss that she had not thought of a more daring and cunning scheme. Foxface grabbed her backpack and ran back into the woods as Katniss took one of her arrows out to shoot at her. Foxface’s plan was to remain undetected and prevent any clashes between the tributes; hence her green pack most likely included food. In all of the games,


It came in fourth place overall. Her body is discovered by Katniss and Peeta holding night lock berries. She passed away after robbing Peeta of his night lock berries and consuming them. Katniss thought that if Peeta had been trying to mislead Foxface from Hunger Games had known about the poison, she would have known not to eat them and could have won. However, based on the scenario in the training facility where she matches, it is assumed that she was aware that the night lock berries were lethal and killed herself up and quizzes her on her understanding of various berries and plants . Katniss wonders what exactly happens to cause her death. When her body was eventually removed by a hovercraft, Katniss said that because of how malnourished she was, she would have died sooner or later.


It was one of the tributes whose DNA was use to create mutate wolves. As they shared traits with their deceased tributes, Katniss observed a lot of mutts. Foxface in this instance was a diminutive wolf mutation. She possessed remarkable similarities to Foxface’s amber eyes, fire-red fur, and enormous, razor-sharp claws .Foxface’s mutt may or may not have survived the attack at the Cornucopia.


foxface from the hunger games kept a safe distance from everyone and avoided engaging the other tributes. She cleverly watched other tributes from a distance, understanding their schemes.  Secretly stole a small amount of food from others and used caution when within the Careers’ camp because she was aware that it had mines . She used her cunning to find a passageway through the mines where she could move without destruction.Her kept to herself and formed no alliances with other tributes.

She also showed the quality of being cunning when she figured out how to get past the explosives and to the Careers’ pyramid of food and supplies. Her made sure to take just enough to get by, but not too much that the others would notice when they returned to their camp. She was autonomous, constantly working by herself, sneaky, evasive, and most likely unreliable. At the feast, she put another one of her ingenious ideas to use.

Foxface waited for the others to arrive while hiding in the Cornucopia. She ran up, grabbed her luggage, and fled the scene without wasting any time in a fight. No one would follow her because of concern that someone tribute would take anything from their own luggage that they “desperately needed.” In addition, Katniss envied her strategy because of how clever and dangerous it was and how it managed to trap the other tributes.


  • Facts her chances of winning were 7-1 in the movie, the same as Glimmer’s.
  • Due to their similar sizes and red hair, Foxface and the females from District 9 are frequently mistaken for one another.
  • Jacqueline Emerson claimed that she invented a little backstory for Foxface so that it wouldn’t upset her that he didn’t speak much.
  • In the film, foxface from the hunger games only spoke one sentence. Which she uttered to Caesar Flicker man during an interview: “I find that if I can apply myself to the situation present. I will be able to figure it out.”
  • In the Brazilian translation of the film. Caesar Flicker man refers to her as “Finch” as he says, “Muito obrigado, Finch.”
  • Caesar Flicker man refers to her as. “Finch” in the Italian version of the film as he says “Grazie mille, Finch.”
  • She is seen effortlessly finishing a computer matching test in the training center.
  • She is never mention in the book. But she earns a training score of indicating. That either she lacked the ability to demonstrate it to the Game makers or that. She was employing a similar tactic to Johanna Mason’s, which involves making herself seem weak. And unthreatening in order to trick other tributes.


This is up to conjecture. I believe foxface from hunger games understood. Her had three options. She realized she wasn’t going to win the games. She may brutally murder by Cato, killed by Katniss, or perish from the berries.


How did Foxface act?

She has discovered a method for robbing the Careers of their resources.

Why did Katniss not join forces with Foxface?

Most likely, she would have had a knife in her back.

Why was Foxface killed?

It’s Possible That The Hunger Games Was a Suicide

The Hunger Games: Could Foxface have triumphed?

In particular, when career tributes like Cato were still alive. It could have been challenging for her to prevail in the Hunger Games solely by cunning ideas, tactics, and plans.

If Katniss succeeds, what does she fear?

She won’t be able to identify herself or know what to do with herself.

What terrifies Katniss the most?

There is no doubt that Katniss fears for the safety of her family.


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