How To Open Sentry Safe
How To Open Sentry Safe

How To Open A Sentry Safe Without A Key Or Combination Code.

How to open a sentry safe within the safe manufacturing industry, Sentry Safe is a well-known brand. These safes offer a security solution for your possessions, including pricey goods, property documents, and anything else you wish to keep private. Regarding strength and stiffness, these safes are sufficiently robust. These safes are safe and secure ways to store your belongings without risk of fire. These safes are available from any business that provides a safe service, including Safes NYC.

A Sentry safe’s metal body and strong locks allow it to withstand any penetrating impact. This indicates that it is challenging for someone to unlock Sentry Safe without the key or combination. But what happens if your key gets lost? Additionally. You do not own your sentry safe’s combination code.

How to open a Sentry Safe?

You’re going to find it to be an amazing task, especially considering its safety.

You find yourself in a situation where you can’t remember the combination because you misplaced your key. Your belongings are also inside the safe.

It appears to be a tremendously chaotic situation for you.

But do not panic. If you misplace the key to Sentry Safe, you can still open it.


Stay tuned to the end of this post to find out how to open a sentry safe without using a safe service. But first, could you please confirm whether or not a key like that can unlock a Sentry Safe? We will then talk about the two do-it-yourself ways to access Sentry Safe.

Is It Possible To Open A Sentry Safe With A Similar Key?

Thus, Safes NYC’s unambiguous response is no.

Every key is distinct from the others due to its engraved code or distinctive pattern. Furthermore, the tips of the Sentry Safe keys can be either rounded or pointed. It is more distinctive for safety concerns because of these design variations.

However, there are very unusual instances in which two distinct Sentry Safes may require the same key to access. You’re in luck if the two Sentry Safes can be opened with the same keys!

But you always need the precise safe key to open Sentry Safe. You may be lucky enough if you succeed in opening the Sentry Safe with another key. But, it is not commonly possible.

Pre-Verified Items

  • It is always worth checking that the straightforward procedures are not a problem before making any attempts to get into the safe. Listed below are:
  • If the locking bolts are misaligned (you’ll hear a scraping sound at the door when you try the handle), bang the safe at various places around the door. • How to find the Sentry Safe combination if you’ve misplaced it.
  • For certain versions, replace the deadlock batteries (typically AA batteries).
  • Wait 20 minutes and try again if the time delay option in your safe was activated by several attempts using the wrong codes. (If your system has a lockout security function, waiting won’t help.)

How to open a Sentry Safe: Get in Touch or Give a Help Call

If you need help opening a Sentry Safe without the combination or if you can’t find the keys, always give the company a call first. I advise you to have the safe’s model number, serial number, and place and date of purchase readily available before the call. On the safe, you may find both the model and serial numbers for some models. Here’s a useful tip for decomposing a single number into its model and serial number if that’s all you see.

These are the instructions to open a Sentry Safe for a gun safe made before 2012.

  • Set the dial to zero.
  • Stop at the first number in the combination.
  • After turning the dial three times to the “left.”
  • Stop on the second number in the combination after turning the dial “right” twice.
  • Stop at the final digit in the combination by turning the dial “left.”
  • To open the door, turn the safe’s handle.
  • As you spin the dial clockwise to the right, the number combination gets smaller, going from 90 to 80 to 70, etc.
  • As you rotate the dial counter-clockwise, the sequence of numbers grows from 20, 30, 40, and so on.

 Sentry Safe how to open for a gun safe model manufactured after 2012, take the following actions

  • Set the dial to zero.
  • Make three “right” turns on the dial, stopping at the combination’s first number.
  • Top the second digit in the combination by rotating the dial twice to the “left.”
  • Stop at the final digit in the combination by turning the dial to the “right.”
  • The number combination lowers from 90, 80, 70, etc. when the dial is turned right clockwise.
  • The number combination climbs from 20, 30, 40, etc. when the dial is turned counterclockwise.


Methods for Do-It-Yourself Sentry Safe Open without A Key or Combination

We have talked about a sentry safe’s level of security thus far. We also discovered that opening Sentry Safe requires a precise matching key. We’re about to learn the two do-it-yourself methods that someone can use to open a safe without a key or combination.

Now let’s discover how to open a Sentry Safe using these simple techniques.

Using a regular paper clip, open a sentry safe!

You may have seen heroes use paper clips or pins to open safes in movies quite a few times. Thus, we’ll apply the same strategy here.

We’re going to break into a Sentry Safe with a paper clip. Let’s examine what you should do with this now:

  • Obtain a paper clip to open a Sentry Safe. Now make a 90-degree bend with the longer leg. To grip the clip like a key, spin its other leg as well.
  • Now, twist the longer leg’s tip, being careful to only bend it slightly.
  • Using another paperclip, bend the longer leg at a 45-degree angle.
  • After that, insert by applying pressure in a clockwise motion inside the lock hole.
  • Take out your first paper clip now. Insert the sharp end into the lock’s upper section.
  • Continue twisting the paper clips once you’ve inserted them both into the lock.
  • As you twist it in a clockwise direction, be sure to insert the sharp end into the lock’s teeth.
  • If you continue, you should hear a click when the lock opens.

Thus, this was the first method of opening Sentry Safe without using a safe service provider. It was an inexpensive and somewhat straightforward procedure that anyone could try.

The method is not that hard to use, though. On the other hand, you can always enlist the assistance of a professional if you fail. For simple assistance, speak with Safes NYC as well.

Let’s proceed to the next method for opening a Sentry Safe.

Sentry Safe Key: Call a Locksmith

If the safe is pricey and replacing it will set you back more than $200, then it probably makes sense to call a local locksmith. The cost of a locksmith’s services could range from $50 to $100 for every visit. This could be the situation, for example, if your safe is wall-mounted. For the closest resource, search “locksmith near me” on Google. Keep in mind that to pick a lock or obtain the combination, locksmiths will need documentation of ownership.

How to Open a Sentry Safe: Using a High-Power Magnet

Many YouTube videos demonstrate how to open a safe (in a matter of seconds) with a strong neodymium magnet that can be purchased for less than $20 on (Note that handling these magnets poses a risk to your safety; take all necessary measures.) You can trip the lock and unlock the safe by putting the magnet on the safe door near the nickel solenoid and moving the magnet.

Open a Sentry Safe with a Nail Cutter

How To Open Sentry Safe

To open a safe using a standard nail cutter, follow these instructions.

  • Grab a nail file-equipped nail cutter.
  • Open the nail file straight while holding the nail cutter.
  • Treat it like you would a safe key. Turn the lock in a clockwise direction while inserting the minus screwdriver inside.
  • Now, insert the nail file into the lock’s upper section and shake it.
  • Attempt to rotate the file in a clockwise manner.
  • If you don’t hear a click sound—which indicates that the lock has been unlocked—keep trying.

If you lock your belongings inside a safe, you can try these two do-it-yourself methods. It’s not uncommon to misplace a key or forget the lock combination.

Therefore, you have two options if you run into this problem again: utilize these do-it-yourself tips to unlock Sentry Safe or call Safes NYC for assistance.

Sentry Safe How to Open: Destructive Approaches

Destroying the lock is the best method to vent your rage and irritation about not being able to access your safe. After that, you can access the safe, but replacing the lock—which is best done by a locksmith—is necessary. Thus, my recommendation is to utilize this technique if you need to quickly access your safe and don’t intend to use it again

  • Drill a hole in the safe’s lock with a power drill.
  • If you intend to reuse the safe, make sure you’re drilling straight into the lock rather than the safe body to avoid damaging it.
  • The lock will burst open if you can drill through it, allowing you to replace it afterward.


You now know the simple working methods for picking locks. But always keep in mind to apply this knowledge appropriately. Avoid abusing it. You might suffer the repercussions if you don’t.

In addition, you may get in touch with Safes NYC at any moment if you want to purchase safes or safety appliances to safeguard your belongings. Digital, unlock, and master lock key safes are among our exceptionally extensive selection of safes. All of the services are available here at reasonable costs. Thus, don’t pass up this opportunity and get in touch with us to order your Sentry or another safe right now!


The Sentry safe won’t open. What should I do?

To get the safe to work, change the batteries.

What is a Sentry safe code’s length in digits?

Entering the five-digit Factory Code is the only way to open the safe.

When the battery in a safe runs out, how do you open it?

The connection ports at the front of the safe should be held in place by a 9-volt battery (similar to those found in smoke alarms).

How long does a Sentry safe’s lockout last?

About thirty minutes pass during the lockout phase.

A digital code lock: what is it?

Passwords are required for the digital code lock system with LCD that uses 8051 microcontrollers.

Without the key or code, how can a safe be opened?

To locate a keyhole by removing the dial panel. The safe door will open when you insert and spin your emergency key.